Berner-Garde Supports Scientific Research

The mission of the Berner-Garde Foundation is to support efforts to improve the health and longevity of Bernese Mountain Dogs. A major part of these efforts are to support scientific research into the causes and cures for genetic diseases and general health of our beloved Berners. This is done by supporting the scientists in a number of ways which are outlined here. All requests are approved on a case by case basis by the board of trustees.

Access To The Database

There is a wealth of information available in the Berner-Garde Database that can assist scientific research. Much of this information is available publically through this web site. In other cases, researchers may need special searches or reports run to extract the information that would be most beneficial for their particular research. Any scientist wishing any special reports or information tabulated from the database is welcome to request that. Please outline the research you are doing and what special information you may need and send it to

Access To BMD Repository Samples

Researchers can request access to the cheek swab DNA, blood DNA, or frozen tumor tissue being housed in the Bernese Mountain Dog DNA and Tumor Tissue Repository. Please detail the research you are doing, what specific types of samples you are looking for, and send it to We will let you know what is possible.

Financial Grants for Research

Researchers can request financial grants to support their specific research pertaining to diseases present in the Bernese Mountain Dog population. Please detail the research you are doing or proposing to do along with what type of financial support you are looking for. Send that detailed information to

Please note that all requests are evaluated and approved on a case by case basis. If you have any questions, please direct them to