BMD DNA Repository - Regional Club Blood Draws

The Berner-Garde Foundation is extremely appreciative of the many regional clubs that have held DNA collections (AKA "blood draws") for the BMD Repository. Experience has demonstrated that these regional events enable many Berners who may not attend the BMDCA National Specialty an opportunity to contribute their DNA and enhance the depth of samples available to researchers.

These DNA collection days are frequently held in conjunction with an existing club event but can also be held as an independent "health day" where other health related things can be done such as eye and heart clinics.

What Does It Take

For a successful DNA collection, your club will need space to conduct the collection and a number of volunteers. Space that the dogs are comfortable in is important as well as a sufficient number of volunteers. A typical arrangement is:

  • One or more persons to register dogs by getting repository submission forms filled out and signed.
  • One person to help hold dogs while blood is being drawn.
  • One Vet Tech to actually draw the blood.
  • One person to do cheek swabs.
  • One person to label the blood vials and cheek swabs matching them to the submission forms (extremely important).

Regarding the repository submissions forms, you can use these blank forms that people can fill out manually as they register at the event. If you have access to the Berner-Garde Database, you can print a pre filled-out form from a dog's detail record. You can also advertise people to print out the form from their dog's detail record before coming to the event and bring it with them. This makes their registration extremely quick.

What Does It Cost

The only expenses a club might have is for the facility to hold the event and the Vet Tech to draw the blood. However, many clubs have a member or two that are Vets or Techs and might volunteer their time. Berner-Garde will cover the cost of all the supplies you will need to hold a DNA collection including the blood vials and a shipping container. Note that it is important that all the collection vials and swabs get packed and shipped promptly to MSU.

Who do we contact to host a collection?

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