Just Freeze It !

Tumor tissue samples submitted to the BMD Repository can be crucial keys to researchers looking for genetic causes of cancers. Because this type of submission happens at a very emotional time for owners, we have instituted our "Just Freeze It" campaign to make things simpler and easier at this difficult time. IF YOUR DOG IS DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER, JUST FREEZE IT. This is truly all that you and your vet need to know to submit a tumor tissue sample to the Repository. Collect a sample and JUST FREEZE IT. It can remain frozen until you and your vet have gathered all the information necessary to ship it to the Repository safely and when you are emotionally ready to do so.

Five Steps For Tumor Submission
  1. During an operation to remove a tumor mass or very shortly after your dog has died, have your vet remove a sample of the tumor tissue about one cubic inch in size.
  2. If there has not been a laboratory diagnosis of the exact type of tumor, then the sample needs to be split in half so that one sample can be sent in for a definitive diagnosis. This is done by the "diagnosis" sample being collected as formalin fixed tissue. Your Vet will know what this is.
  3. The remaining tumor sample that will be sent to the repository needs to be frozen. This can easily be done in the freezer your vet will have in their office.
  4. If diagnosis on the exact type of tumor needs to be done, the formalin fized tissue sample can be sent to the lab your vet uses or to the diagnostic center at Michigan State University. Click here for those instructions.
  5. After you have had some time to recover from your loss, you can then work with your vet to ship the frozen tumor sample to the BMD Repository. Instructions for that are available here.

We truly understand the enormous commitment it takes to submit a tumor tissue sample and greatly appeciate your efforts to do so.